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A Moment In History

Gerrie and I got married in the first moments of 31 December 2014

Here's some of the words of introduction that our celebrant Mandy said,

"Gerrie and Susan have been together for nearly 18 years and since their first date on 20 March 2007 have been committed and loving life partners. Tonight we will witness them finally being able to be equal in marriage with any other couple in Scotland who are deeply in love and have chosen to marry".

We had the best ceremony with our fabulous family and friends and the icing on the cake - we got to marry two other couples - one each. I married Chris and Jooles immediately after ours was completed then Ger married Aynsleigh and Chloe to end a perfect and wonderful celebration.

It was then lots of drinks, kisses, hugs, cheering, photos and selfies all round!

This selfie by our most famous friend who was our witness catches all 6 of us brides in one shot! We are the 6 heads to the First Ministers left - I am on the far right of it! Great fun!

Screen Shot 2015-01-04 at 13.38.01.png

sunday herald front cover

I love this photo our fab photographer Elaine Livingstone took the week before our wedding. Can't wait to get all the wedding pics from her! I'll upload more once I am back from our minimoon!

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