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Laura and Matthew

"Hi Susan,

I hope that the new year is treating you well!I've been meaning to send you this photo for some time- I can hardly believe that we've been married for over a year now! The range of facial expressions really makes me smile.

We still talk about the wedding constantly! It was such a beautiful day, and the ceremony really captured the essence of us. Friends and family loved every minute if it.married life has been exactly as I hoped it would be- that's to say, it's exactly the same as life before marriage! We are stronger together, and our marriage is just confirmation of what we already knew- we are meant to be together.Thank you so much for everything you did for us, and for the memories you helped us to create. I can't begin to tell you how precious and valuable they are to us.

Lots of love,Laura x"

cool wedding venue in glasgow Panopticon Glasgow

The Britannia Music Hall in Trongate, Glasgow, Scotland is the oldest surviving music hall in the world. Built in 1857 by Thomas Gildard and H. M. McFarlane, it has hosted some of the biggest names on the Music hall circuit. Now it can be used for weddings and Laura and Matthew had a fantastic fun time there making many happy memories.

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