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Susan and Gerrie are arguably the most well known and connected same-sex couple in Scotland. 


They have fought for LGBTI rights and a fairer and more equal Scotland for decades at national level and in the community. Susan was awarded a CBE for her work on human rights for disabled and lgbti people.

Most recently, the couple have made the front page of the news for being one of the first same sex marriages in Scottish history. After years of campaigning, the 31st of December 2014 was a momentous occasion not only in their and their families lives, but in Scottish culture.  Despite the media attention, Susan and Gerrie postponed a honeymoon in favour of conducting 2 same sex weddings, 1 wedding in a park, a baby naming and a funeral before being packed off to GlenEagles without their mobile phones by their 5 children!  

Nicola Sturgeon and Patrick Harvie attend Socotland's first lesbian wedding
BBC Scotland

31st December 2014


"The couple said: "We are delighted that, at long last, after 18 years together, our love finally has the same recognition in law and society as all other married couples. As humanist celebrants ourselves we have had the privilege of marrying many hundreds of people over the last few years and so we know how special and important marriage is. Having Nicola Sturgeon and Patrick Harvie as our witnesses has been wonderful and we thank them from the bottom of our hearts not only for tonight but for everything they have done and will continue to do in support of LGBTI people. We are excited to be the first lesbians to have a legal marriage ceremony in Scotland. 2014 has been quite a year."


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Gerrie and Susan Douglas Scott Humanist Celebrants
Front Cover of The National Newspaper

10th December 2014


Gerrie said "This is momentous day for us and for all LGBTI couples in Scotland"  and Susan was quoted as saying "a Scotland that now is a fairer and more wonderful place to live in"

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Humanist Ceremony Gay Wedding in Scotland, large crowd celebrating including Nicola Sturgeon
The Sun 

31st December 2014


First Minister Sturgeon acts as witness in Scotland's first same-sex marriage. 


SCOTLAND has its first same-sex marriages after two couples tied the knot on the stroke of midnight. Three other couples were married around the same time.


Joe Schofield and Malcolm Brown, both 42, and Susan Douglas-Scott, 54, and Gerrie Douglas-Scott, 59, were the first of 17 couples due to get hitched on Hogmanay.

Susan and Gerrie Douglas Scott and their children celebrate equal marriage

31st December 2014, Linda Semple


Today, the first minister said, “This a momentous day for equality in Scotland, one where same-sex couples have the right to marry the person that they love. This will send a powerful message to people about the kind of country we are.”


And this morning, at one minute past midnight on Hogmanay, we were party to a new custom. Dec. 31, 2014, was the first date on which lesbians and gay men could legally marry each other in Scotland. Civil partnerships have been available here since 2005, and conversion from civil partnership to marriage has been possible since Dec. 16, 2014.


The photograph shows them with their children and partners.  Proud mummies!

Nicola Sturgeon and Girl Gone International Anne Scott take a selfie
BBC Newsbeat

31st December 2014


The First Minister takes a selfie with Anne, Marie, Lainey, Jamie and Jillian.


Jillian said to BBC Newsbeat "Mum's same-sex marriage was 'perfect moment in history'"


A girl whose mum got married in one of Scotland's first same-sex weddings says it was a "perfect moment in history".


Susan and Gerrie Douglas-Scott got married at 00:01 on New Year's Eve in Glasgow.

Speaking exclusively to Newsbeat, Jillian Stewart - Susan's daughter - says: "It was a momentous occasion, it was amazing." The 22-year-old says she couldn't stop crying throughout the ceremony. "It was quite cool having the first minister of Scotland at my mum's wedding. All my friends are thinking that I'm such a celebrity because I'm on Nicola Sturgeon's Twitter. It was amazing for her to be there."

Front cover of the Sunday Herald featuring Gerrie and Susan Douglas Scott
The Sunday Herald Magazine, front cover

31st December 2014



"Och well, you can't be glamorous every moment you know!"  lol



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