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Q What is a Celebrate People wedding ceremony?

A This is about what unites us - rather than anything that might separate us. Your wedding ceremony is therefore a celebration of your love and relationship.  We respect that many people have spiritual beliefs so these can be woven into your ceremony.  The most important thing is that your ceremony celebrates the love between you in a way that is meaningful to you both.  


Q Is it legal?

A Your marriage will have complete legal standing anywhere in the world. Gerrie and Susan will make sure that the legal declarations are included along with signing the legal papers that you will get from the registrar's office.  The form you have to complete to get this paper work is available at and you need to complete these 3 months (earliest) to 29 days (latest) before your date.  The registry office you need to deal with will be the one that is closest to your wedding venue.  


Q What is a Celebrate People ceremony like?

A  This is YOUR humanist ceremony and we will work together to make sure it reflects everything that is important to you both.  It is your own personalised ceremony that reflects what your marriage and love is about.  Gerrie and Susan help by providing examples of words and explaining the possible elements that you can include.



Just a quick note to say thank you so much Gerrie for conducting our ceremony yesterday. The comments which we have had about the ceremony have been unbelievable and everyone loved you! You really set the tone for the day! Much love!


Mr & Mrs Donnelly (!), House for An Artlover




Q Can we include other people?

A  Yes absolutely.  Susan and Gerrie have lots of ideas to include others like handfasting, giving gifts to parents for their unconditional love, a short naming ceremony for a child, lighting candles together or pouring sand.  We will send you lots of ideas when we work together on your ceremony.


Q Will I have to speak?

A There is only one part that you have to say and this is your legal vow.  "I ....accept you ... in marriage ..."  Susan or Gerrie will gently guide and talk you through everything during the ceremony so that you don't have to remember a thing!  In our experience memories tend to seize up during your ceremony! 


Q We don't know where to start!  Will you help us?  How do you work?

A  Gerrie and Susan have many years of experience being with couples and helping them choose their own humanist ceremony content and words.  Gerrie and Susan then make sure what you choose happens!   To help you get a feel for what is possible we have an example of a real ceremony at this link. This is part of our ‘menu’ of ideas and thoughts including readings, visual symbols and personal vows.   From your choices we will help you draft your ceremony and edit it with you until it feels absolutely right for you both.


Q How will we know what to do on the day?

A When you meet with Susan or Gerrie they will run through everything that will happen based on your choices for your ceremony.  On the day Susan and Gerrie are experts at calming down nervous brides, grooms, bridesmaids, best men, best women, mothers, fathers - the list is endless!  This is all part of the Douglas-Scott magic to make sure everyone gets the very best out of the ceremony.  Sometimes this means drying eyes, sewing people into dresses, fixing hair that escapes from your "do", pinning on groomsmens' buttonholes - even lacing up wedding dresses!  As mothers of five grown ups Susan and Gerrie have turned their hand to most things and are happy to roll up their sleeves to help!


Q How can we make sure that all our family and friends are included and kept happy?

A Gerrie and Susan can help you include your guests by making them feel welcome and involving them in as many elements of your ceremony as you wish.  It is not always possible to keep all of the people happy all of the time but in Susan and Gerrie's experience the vast majority of even the most sceptical of guests love the wedding ceremonies they conduct.  The main thing is that your ceremony is about YOU and what love means to YOU two and we hope that we can help your ceremony to be a highlight of your day.  


What is included in the fee?

  • all the preparation for your ceremony with Gerrie or Susan

  • your fee supports chaplaincy in the Hospice, affordable counselling for many and donations to charities like Beatson Cancer Care and more

  • access to our extensive resources to help you choose the elements and words for your ceremony,

  • help from Susan or Gerrie to write and edit your wedding ceremony

  • meeting with Gerrie or Susan to get to know each other and to discuss your wedding day and run through your ceremony

  • and finally conducting and ensuring the smooth running of your ceremony on the big day!

  • No membership is required - just belong to each other 


A Celebrate People Humanist Wedding reflects what is important to you two!


Amanda and Greg
Our Humanist Celebrant Susan
Seton Collegite Church Longniddry
Perfect Details
Piped In!
Love Love Love
I do
Happy Ever After

By a loch, on a beach, in our big house looking on to the sea, in a castle, in a bookshop, under a tree, in a hotel, down the pub, in a stately home.. Get married anywhere!


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