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Q What is a humanist funeral ceremony?

A humanist funeral ceremony is a celebration of a person's life.  Everyone's life is different with all sorts of joys and challenges along the way.  Gerrie or Susan will work with you, your family and friends, to create a real celebration and memorial of your loved one's life. 


Conducting funerals is one of the most rewarding things we do. To be there for people, to really listen and try to understand how we can do our part to remember their loved one’s life. We believe everyone has the right to be remembered, even celebrated, no matter what they have chosen as their life’s path.


We hope that you will be able to say afterwards  "She would have loved that" or "It is just like you knew him"  When people say these things, then we both feel that we have done the best we can do to let the healing begin.


More and more we treasure working with people to plan their own funeral ceremony.  This is amazing work and feel so privileged to go to people’s houses and hospices to work with them.  This gift has brought Susan back to her roots as a caring health professional. Gerrie is also a qualified counsellor so very experienced in grief issues and end of life issues. To sit with someone as they take their leave is the most precious and privileged gift.


Q Where do humanist funeral ceremonies take place?

A humanist funeral can be held anywhere, both indoors and outside.  Most people choose a local crematorium or burial site for the ceremony.  Sometimes a memorial ceremony is held separately before or afterwards in a local venue or hotel.  We are completely flexible.   


Q What happens at a humanist funeral?

Every humanist funeral is different and personal. Susan and Gerrie will listen to your needs and wishes so together we create the best way for you to say goodbye to your loved one.  Here are a few ideas that can be included in any funeral ceremony:



Words of welcome and comfort

Thoughts on life - we all share this cycle of life and death together, we are all part of one human community

Readings - we can suggest many different ones

Words from friends and family - if you would like to do that

A focus and celebration of your loved one's life 

A time for reflection and final respects (private prayer and thoughts)


Thanks to anyone you would like to especially mention

Words of goodbye.


To celebrate a life



Humanist Funerals in Scotland
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