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Welcome your child into the world and into your family and community in front of those you love!  Gerrie and Susan have had the honour of helping with countless naming ceremonies over the past 17 years and through this aspect of being celebrants have met and re-met so many lovely families.


 "It's lovely to be back with you all again and I hope you have all recovered from Mark and Aynsleigh's wedding last year!"


Proud parents choose to have a Celebrate People naming ceremony because they want to mark the arrival and importance of their child or children, present their baby to the world and demonstrate their love and commitment.   


Often couples include a very short naming during their marriage as a way of including their children.  Just ask us to see an example.


A Celebrate People ceremony is about everything that unites us and what more unites us than the love of our children?  It can happen at any age and is a wonderful way to bring family and friends together in celebration.  You can choose one or more 'guardian parents' to make commitment to your child.


A naming ceremony will focus on celebrating life, new beginnings and hopes and dreams for your child, surrounding the little one with love and committing together as a community and family to support and care for this child throughout life.


Susan and Gerrie have found that parents love the idea that a Celebrate People ceremony gives the child freedom when he or she is older to make their own choices about their own beliefs. 


PARENT’S WISH (extract)

We wish you a childhood full of fun and games

And we wish you memories that have little pain.

We wish you to learn by making mistakes.

We wish you the strength to make up your own mind

But we wish that your heart will be gentle and kind.

We wish you to reach out when a friend needs a hand

And we wish you to help him face life's demand.

We wish your life brings you some ups and some downs.

But we wish you will smile much more than you'll frown.

But the one thing above and beyond all of this

Is the love that is felt by your 'Parents' Wish'


If you would like to speak to Gerrie or Susan about your child's naming ceremony, receive an example of a ceremony and find out more, click here.

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